Prayer within the Parish


The Time you spend with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the Best Time you will ever spend on earth. – Blessed Mother Teresa


At St Augustine’s Church there is Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on four days a week. People come to spend one hour each week in adoration and prayer. They come to pray for the world, for the Church, for their own needs and for people close to them. They come simply to be with our Risen Lord to place themselves in his presence, to worship him present in the Blessed Sacrament, to open their lives to the power of his presence.
Adoration takes place Monday and Friday from 8.00 a.m. until 9.00.p.m, and from 8.00.a.m until 1.00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and finishes 10 minutes before Mass begins. If you would like to join the rota for regular Adoration, or place your name on the list of Reserve Adorers please contact Sylvia 01892 544893. There is also a form in the porch, which gives full details. We aim to have at least two people for each hour of adoration. It would be good to have many more. Adoration does not continue when there is a Mass, other service, or talk in the church.
I am really grateful to my team of over 90 “adorers” who are so regular in helping me with the Perpetual Adoration at St Augustine’s We are the only Parish in the area where this opportunity is available, and as well as those committed to help in this way, many others both Parishioners and others – including non- Catholics come to sit with the Lord in this way. Also we need people willing to help as reserves when others are sick or away are always needed.

The Bible Group
The Bible Group was formed in September 2007. Pope Benedict XVI wants the people of God to grow in understanding of the Bible, as he urges in the document ‘Verbum Domini’.
We meet alternate Wednesdays in the Hall 2.30 – 3.30pm, in term time, when we reflect on the Scriptures.
Dates are posted on a board in the narthex. Maureen Ward is the co-ordinator and can be contacted via the church office .

Cenacolo Prayer Group
The Cenacolo Community was started by an Italian nun in 1983.

Sister Elvira PETROZZI realised that the problem of young people is not so much one of chemical dependence on drugs or alcohol, but that drugs or alcohol are the only way that young people have to cope with their problems in life. So by showing them a better and much more effective option, Christ, this is a school of life with prayer at its heart. Cenacolo has many houses throughout the world for addicts run by ex-addicts.
We hold a Cenacolo Prayer Group in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel every
Thursday, from 2.0p.m. to 3.30p.m. We are privileged to pray before the exposed Blessed Sacrament. We pray for Cenacolo houses and prayer groups throughout the world. We pray the Rosary, meditate and there is time to personally request the healing of those we wish to pray for, or have been asked to pray for; for the healing of their addiction and the enduring consequences of their addiction. We pray for everyone, in our own families, our communities, our cities and the whole world, for Jesus to pour out His love and healing peace on those trapped by addiction.
The Cenacolo prayer group meets every
Thursday, from 2.0p.m. to 3.30p.m
For further information contact St Augustine’s Office or email

Charismatic Prayer Group

St Augustine’s Prayer Group was founded by a Sister of the Sacred Heart Convent over 30 years ago and has continued to meet each week for prayer and praise ever since. The group seeks guidance from the Holy Spirit whose first gift is the experience that God loves each person and wants each one to grow in a living relationship of prayer with the Lord Jesus.
Charismatic Renewal is a worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit that has touched all denominations. It is a sovereign action of the Blessed Trinity in the Church.
Everyone is welcome on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm in St Augustine’s Church to enjoy a time of friendship and joy in the Lord. The prayer group also hosts Prayer and Praise evenings usually held on the second Tuesday of each month, and Days of Renewal. Many inspired leaders and speakers have led these sessions, including the Friars of the Renewal, Joe Dalton, Marino Restreppo, Gulshan Esther and Fr Mark White. Music is an important and joyful element of these meetings, when between 50-150 people attend.
The group meets in the church every Tuesday evening at 8 pm.
- All are welcome.

Christian Meditation Group
The Christian Meditation Group follows the teaching of Fr. John Main O.S.B who drew inspiration from the Desert Father John Cassian and the 14th century work “The Cloud of Unknowing”. John Main recognised that Jesus is present within the human soul praying constantly to the Father through the Holy Spirit. We can make ourselves one with that prayer by clearing our minds of unnecessary distractions. In order to do this a prayer-phrase (mantra) is silently repeated.

The meeting begins with a short prayer followed by a recorded talk by Fr. Main or his successor Fr Laurence Freeman before entering the twenty/thirty minute period of silence and stillness. This period ends with a little music.

The group is part of the World Community for Contemplative Meditation, an ever-growing number of people who seek deep prayer in this tradition.
Meetings take place weekly on Fridays at 10.30 am

The Gethsemane Prayer Group
The Gethsemane Prayer Group (Kerala prayer group) started in 2008, August among the people who are from Kerala (India).The Inspiration from Spiritual Revival Ministry International charitable trust (SRM-UK) and help and support from the St Augustine’s church led to the endeavour of this prayer group.
Initially, the prayer meetings were in people’s houses every month. Gradually, in St Augustine's church room No 2 has been given, where the group meets on first Friday of every month from 5pm to 7pm. We do Holy Rosary, Intercession, Praise and worship, Music ministry and finishes with the Word of God.
During lent we organise Stations of the Cross in the church. Together with the Spiritual Revival Ministry (Bangalore, India) we organise retreats, counselling, Confession, Holy Mass and Adoration. Recently we started a Night Vigil in St. Anselm Catholic Church, Pembury on every second Saturday of the month from 6pm to 12am.The help and support from both the Diocese and the church are very much encouraging for our mission.
St. Thomas, the Apostle who landed on the Malabar Coast of Kerala in AD52. Thus, Christian faith rooted on Indian soil. So Kerala is known as the cradle of Christianity in India. The gift that Apostle Thomas gave has survived century after century, and today forms the epitome of rich traditions and unflinching Christian faith.

Contact - Manesh Xavier - 07862297715, Jobi Joseph - 07846096512

Mothers Prayers
Mothers Prayers was launched in England in 1995. There was felt to be a growing need to pray in a more committed way in order to combat the problems facing our children. A prayer group may be started with only two mothers and with a maximum of eight. Usually members meet every week. They obey the strict rule of confidentiality and anything that is said at the meeting must never be repeated.
At our meetings we use a small table on which we place a cross to remind us of Jesus the Redeemer, a candle- Jesus the Light of the World and a Bible – Jesus the Living World – and a small basket at the foot of the cross in which we put the names of our children and grandchildren, surrendering them into Jesus’ care.
If you wish to start a prayer group please contact Mothers Prayers in Sevenoaks.
They will advise, and give you all the literature and prayer books.
Mothers Prayers of the Solace Community,
PO Box 416, Sevenoaks, Kent.
TN14 6WE
Tel No: 01959 532505

Prayer Pastors
Four St Augustine's parishioners are Prayer Pastors. We pray with fellow Christians from 23 Churches around Tunbridge Wells. Although from different denominations the prayer flows and time passes quickly. We ask God to send His Spirit to guide us and He does. We put the spiritual armour St Paul writes about in Ephesians 6.10-17 on ourselves and on the Street Pastors. We pray they will be led to the places God wants them to go, they will meet the people He wants them to meet. We pray for the customers, the bar staff and the people they come in contact, and when the Street Pastors phone we pray for the particular situations and the individuals they are with.

We read the Word of God in the Bible, sing His praises in hymns. We get to know each other and rejoice we are praying together. We take part in a spiritual battle but we know as it says in 2 Chronicles 20 that the battle is not ours but God's.

We have a rota and pray on a Friday or Saturday night in two shifts from 10.00pm -1.00am and from 1.00 - 4.00am. More prayer pastors are needed so that the Street Pastors can go out more often. Contact Veronica on