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Journeys in Faith

There are times in our life, when, we feel something is missing but we do not know what. Like many people who were baptised into a Christian family and Church, we think it is because we have become more independent in our lives due to outside influences. Peer pressure and other interests make our needs more acceptable and often more enjoyable.

Once into our twenties a more serious side of our life begins to take shape, though this may take a number years,  through more serious occupations, new friends, male and female, and a more responsible approach way to life. There is a way forward which may seem right for us at a particular time. We are still very influenced by others, we need to be accepted, and through relationships with others, our life tends to move forward in way which we may not have possibly chosen.

In this unexpected way, love is the beginning of this new life, in all its different forms, and as  we become more outgoing and more responsive,  with perhaps more responsibilities - a secure job, intimate friendships etc  - our earlier life begins to have an influence.

We remember the lessons of life learnt from our parents, and now it seems we should be putting them into practice.  We begin to yearn for that part of life which seems to be missing, and it is often through others that we seek to put God back into our lives. But how ?

We may seek other practicing Christians or go straight to a church -  if it is the Catholic Church we would always find a very warm welcome to start our way forward on a journey of faith. In this section of the web site you will find stories from people who've been on that journey and perhaps are still travelling - going deeper into their faith. 

Some of the journeys began just a  few years ago, others started off over thirty years ago.  All are different and each has their own story to tell.

Trish's story

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Stefanie's story